Exterior Services

Trip Ready Aircraft Cleaning & Detail

Our on demand trip ready service will ensure that your aircraft is looking great for the next flight. All exterior surfaces are wiped down and lightly cleaned to remove major visible eyesores. The interior is vacuumed, trash removed, all surfaces including seating are wiped down, lav and galley cleaned and sanitized, interior items are organized and the cabin entry is detailed to create a favorable overall appearance of the aircraft.

Wet Wash

Our wet washing technique insures that the entire exterior of the aircraft is completely clean and free of debris. The aircraft is dry and spot free when complete. Service recommended for aircraft that have been exposed to harsh or corrosive conditions, like saltwater areas.

Dry Wash

Our environmentally friendly technique completely cleans the entire exterior of the aircraft, without water, while leaving a beautiful shine. Our most popular wash technique due to most airport environmental restrictions.

Exterior Wax

Regular exterior wax applications will not only keep your aircraft looking great and protect your paint, but it will also extend the life of the paint greatly. All of our waxes are aircraft approved and silicone free.

Exterior Paint Rejuvenation (Machine Buff and Polish)

Machine polishing is recommended for paint that is oxidized or faded. This restores and seals the paint for protection and helps to reduce parasitic drag. Once the aircraft is machined buffed, we then hand polish the aircraft to bring the high gloss finish back to the paint. Even very old paint can usually be brought back to looking like new. A great service and alternative to having the aircraft painted.

Brightwork Metal Polishing

Polishing brightwork is an art that few have mastered. Our method of polishing involves a multi-step process which will prevent corrosion and oxidation to the metal. This service will leave the metal with a brilliant mirror-like shine and will be one of the first thing noticed by anyone traveling on your aircraft.

De-ice Boot Refurbishment

Our 3-step process of stripping, conditioning and sealing pneumatic de-ice boots will restore your boots to a high gloss shine while protecting them. Regular de-ice boot treatments will not only keep the boots looking their best but will also extend their life greatly.

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